• Image of Jon Stewart - SANITY Sticker (10 Pack)

10 pack of 4"x6" Silkscreened Vinyl stickers (BEST VALUE! Save a whopping 12 bucks!)

In an homage to Shepard Fairey's iconic Obama HOPE portrait I present SANITY. Because when HOPE is lost, the lost hope for SANITY!

I had these printed by Stickrobot, (the very same team that printed all of the original HOPE stickers) and they came out beautifully and are built to last.

β€œAll of our stickers are made of 100% industrial strength caliber vinyl with an aggressive permanent adhesive. Our stickers are waterproof, weatherproof and fade resistant. Before the stickers are cut, we add a clear, gloss 100% UV coating. Our stickers have a 3-5 year effective capability against any weather. Our stickers are weather proof... The kind you see stuck to a ski-lift and 10 years later, they're still shining in all their glory. We are robots. Our sticker are superior robot quality.” --stickrobot